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Dziedzictwo i współczesność ładu moralnego

Contemporary political and socio-economic threats to international security


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Autor: Anna Llanos-Antczak

Wydawnictwo: Akademia Ekonomiczno-Humanistyczna w Warszawie

ISBN: 978-83-66552-03-6

Format: 17x24 cm

Wydanie: 2020 r.

Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny

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The first chapter concentrates on modern socio-political challenges. Thus, it discusses nationalism, identity, religious issues and orthodox ideas as sources of potential conflicts. It further analyzes humanitarian operations and responsibility to protect idea as other probable trouble-makers. It closes with a discussion on civil wars and failed states as threats to international security. The second chapter relates to socio-economic challenges, which seem to be underestimated as of likely conflict- generating sources. It discusses such problem as overpopulation and ageing societies, migrations as well as social stratification, poverty and assimilation difficulties. The last chapter is devoted to post-modern political issues. Here, the state is not playing the main role. Thus, the analysis refers to the non-state actors and their role 15 in shaping the global order. Final discussion relates to privatization of war and power and the question of the role of private companies in the post-modern conflicts. (Ze wstępu)

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